How to enlarge or reduce a picture

A Newcastle Arts Centre Guide

There many ways to make a picture bigger and here are a few

1/ Photocopy and Trace.

Use a photocopier to make an enlargement on tracing paper, yes you can photocopy or laser print on tracing paper. Then place the copy on a Lightbox and lay a sheet of drawing or watercolour paper on top. Then trace the image with pencil, ink or paint.

2/ Photocopy and Project
Photocopy on to tracing paper or a transparent film. ( only use film designed for a copier) Then use an overhead projector to project the image onto a canvas.

3/ Use an 'Artograph'
Postcard size pictures can be enlarged using an 'Artograph' projector. This requires a darkened room. 'Artograph' is a brand name for an opaque projector invented in the 19th Century and known as an Epidiascope.
Note that the cheaper plastic projectors are not suitable for precision work.

4/ Use a pantograph , a classic drawing instrument that requires some skill.

5/ Use a film camera and a slide projector. Shoot 35mm slides and project them directly onto the canvas.
Then trace the image.

6/ Use a digital camera, shoot a picture and trace it off the computer screen or use a video projector.

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