Painting on Glass

A Newcastle Arts Centre Guide

It is possible to paint on glass with almost any colour that uses a lacquer or varnish as a medium. However the wash resistance and permanence of the colour will vary with the choice of materials.

For a more professional finish Pebeo Vitrea 160 are paints the work as low temperature glazes. The colours are fixed by heating the glass in a domestic oven. Finished items can safely be used as tableware and will tolerate careful washing.

For a quick fix, hobby glass paints such as Vitrial are coloured transparent lacquers that achieve a 'stained glass' look .
They contain solvents that are not safe for children and the colours are not permanent.

For small scale projects that require non-toxic materials we recommend that you add acrylic gloss medium to artists acrylic paints to improve the paint so that it can be used on almost any hard surface.

Preparation instructions, degrease, light, solvent, brushes.

Have the correct instruction sheet for the paint you are using.

Before painting the glass should be carefully washed and rinsed with clean water.
Then degreased with methylated spirits, then allowed to dry. Arrange the work so that light illuminates the glass from behind, a light box is a very useful aid.

Make sure you have the correct solvent for the paint before you start because most glass paints dry quickly and brushes are easily ruined. Do not use dirty or poor quality brushes unless you really want a rough result. Brushes should be soft and springy.



Vitrea 160 Wash Resistant Glass Paints

This colour is a low temperature glaze which bakes on to glass in a domestic oven at 160C.

Transparent colours for glass, metal, terracotta and other heat-resistant surfaces.
20 gloss colours and 10 frosted colours in 45ml bottles, 10 relief outliner colours in 20ml tubes,
and 9 marker colours in both gloss and frosted.
Auxiliaries including thinner, crackling medium and iridescent medium also available.
Allow to air dry for 24 hours then bake at 160C for 40 minutes.
After baking, the glass appears to be body-dyed and paint is dishwasher-safe.

Conforms to European Toy Safety Standard 71.3

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Vitrea 160

Vitrail Glass Paints

Transparent solvent-based colours for glass, polyester and metal.
18 ready-to-use colours in 45ml bottles.
Varnish and thinner also available.
Strong, glossy colours.
Air drying. Touch dry in 1 hour (allow 8 hours to dry completely).
reasonable resistance to light but not permanent.
Once dry, colours will withstand gentle washing.

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IMPORTANT: Vitrail is solvent-based and therefore unsuitable for school use.

Decorfin Outliners

Recommended for use with Vitrial glass paints for a lead line effect

Decorfin relief paint

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