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Newcastle Arts Centre Ltd was founded as an arts development company in 1981, it is a 'not for profit' social enterprise that supports Newcastle Arts Centre Trust a registered Charity.
The Arts Centre is one of a very few sustainable independent arts organisations in the UK.
It has received a Times/RIBA community enterprise award and has been recognised by
the Georgian Group for historic building restoration

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Summer Special Updates

More open days at the Assembly House

New Exhibitions Diary

Live Jazz Listings now til Autumn

Can you believe statistics?

Who supports the arts?

Free Loading bay now includes cars

Campaign for better Air Quality gets legal backing

Photographers freedom may be limited by law

Whitley Bay residents complain about planning decisions without consultation

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Low Flying UFO

Well someone climbed to the top of 55 Westgate to to make an inspection of this 12 Kilogram bag of clay suspended over the dome of the main staircase.

We placed it there to test an 18th Century chandelier pulley that for 200 years supported the main light for the staircase.

Its the first step towards a proposed student design project for a new Chandelier that could be on view this Autumn.

Our ambition for 2015 is to bring the Assembly House at 55/57 Westgate Road back to life by making it more usable for events and art projects. We are planning a programme to make good use of this historic building and to fund raise to safeguard its future.

The building is open for guided tours on Saturday 12th of September as part of the Heritage Open Days programme. Bookings accepted from August 12th 2015.

This October we host
Northern Design Festival a celebration of good design across product design, graphic design, illustration, fashion and architecture. Featuring exhibitions, talks and events the festival takes place 20-25 October 2015.

can be funny particularly when an organisation is desperately trying to prove a case.

This Spring I made a complaint to the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative about the closure of the City Centre Tourist Information Office. The response was to try and prove how ineffective the office had been at serving visitors. ' Out of 17million visitors that came to NewcastleGateshead last year 244 thousand used the Visitor Information Centre' I replied pointing out that 17million is 34 times the population of Newcastle and Gateshead, and that Newcastle Arts Centre with about 89,000 visits a year would be very pleased if it could perform as well as the Information Centre. Imagine living in Newcastle and being outnumbered by tourists 34 to one! Equally when the City engineers tried to justify the new road layout at Central Station they claimed 7 million people passing through, - a mere 24.9 times the population of Newcastle..

Today 22nd July, there is an enthusiastic article in the I Newspaper about a new Centre for Cities Urban Demographic Report

Its a fascinating big city success story and I was surprised to see Newcastle listed as a Big City with a population of 829,319, all a little odd as our Council website states a population of 292,200 in 2010 and the 2011 census states 280,200 for 2011. How did we not notice that the population has grown by
549,119 people in just 4 years?


Click for our Live Jazz Programme


Jazz Cafe featured in the
Guardian Magazine 2/5/2015,

Free chance to win - return train tickets to Newcastle and 2 nights at the Malmaison.

enter at


Who supports the Arts?

While it has been recognised since long before the Arts Council was founded 69 years ago, that the arts are essential to the well-being and prosperity of this country, goverment support for the Arts have been in decline in this 21st Century. In the North East we have seen the abolition of the regional arts board - Northern Arts and our councils slash funding for the Arts while practical art and craft education is disappearing as a course subject. The London Olympics could not have been so spectacular and memorable without fine architecture and the world class opening and closing ceremonies.

And how were the Arts rewarded? They were told that to be creative and visionary is non vocational and of no value to the economy, that culture is fluffy stuff best left to fluffy people!

Our culture is evidence of our values, our perceptions, the things we really care about when we see, hear and feel, its proof that we are alive and human not just mere cogs in a money making machine serving without thinking, breathing and working and finally lie down and be forgotten.

So who cares about the environment we live, the shape, colour and sounds of the space we walk through, what people say and care for, and why should we value sensitivity and eloquence?

So if our governments have crude master plans that fail to value the Arts, ask what motivates them and what is their ambition for our cities and towns, ask - who will shape our culture and define us as people?

At last

a painting exhibition that's open to all........

Now being planned is a

Northern Summer Exhibition

for 2016 at Newcastle Arts Centre.

Information will appear on the Arts Centre's news page early August and its been proposed that the only condition is that the work is on a canvas 1 metre square.  

Did you Know

In future a photographer may need permission to take a picture of 'the Angel of the North' and other popular landmarks. The reason Wikipedia and other non commercial publications can freely depict public spaces in most of the countries in the European Union is that we enjoy full Freedom of Panorama. This is an exception to copyright that allows people to make and use photographs of public spaces without restriction, while at the same time protecting the architect's or visual artist's rights.

Now, the free use of many of these images is in danger by a proposal in the European Parliament. If the restrictive text accepted by the Legal Affairs Committee is adopted in the course of the upcoming EU legislative procedure on copyright reform, hundreds of thousands of images on Wikipedia would no longer be free and thus would no longer belong in Wikipedia.

Click to read more about this.

Brian Ord's
new exhibition at Newcastle Arts Centre

marks a radical departure for this established sculptor.

Only recently has Brian moved from making large chunky sculptures derived from found objects to produce mixed media on canvas. In doing so Brian has maintained his spacial awareness and expanded his vision. This show comes just as a major Escher exhibition opens at the National Museum of Modern Art in Edinburgh and Hockney has shown his latest experiments with perspective in London.

Brian's new work is founded in his practice in 3D, and is relaxed in the use of found photographic images that have been made to promote what he regards as an impossible ideal living space visualised by an artificial photographic perspective.

Fascinating, thought provoking, well worth a look. Click


Residents discover Plans for changes to Whitley Bay are not as advertised.

North Tyneside Council's public consultation on the Whitley Bay Master Plan may be defective because no clear proposal was made to demolish the landmark promenade at the consultation.

Protesters are petitioning the Council to reconsider plans. See the petition



 JAZZ CAFE - One year on

As Newcastle’s re-vamped Jazz Café completes the first anniversary of its re-opening on December 7th it can look back on a year in which it has doubled its size and begun to introduce into its menu of regional bands, national and even international outfits.

The increase in size came in early April 2014 with the re-opening of the upstairs room, named for two nights as the official Late Night Club for the Sage International Jazz Festival. The increase in non-regional bands is partly due to a monthly partnership with Jazz North East, partly to bands clamouring to play at the re-furbished venue.

We kicked off with a Late Shows Evening in our gallery to launch a new exhibition by Lewis Robinson, followed by a Late Late event with Lindsay Hannon at the Jazz Café.

 The refurbished Jazz Café is a vital live venue and a new daytime Café of real quality. We welcome the whole Jazz community. Our commitment to live events continues with the launch of a larger more flexible venue upstairs at the Jazz Café

Last Spring We celebrated this step forward by hosting the Late Night Club of the Sage International Jazz Festival on the weekend of April 4th and 5th.

Upstairs at the Jazz Café is a small unique space where you can expect a broad range of original live events from traditional music to the more challenging performance art.

New web address
New phone 0191 2229882
click for Photos
Check out our programme page for more listing information

Jazz Café 25-27 Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne. 2 minutes from the Central Station.

Open from 11am daily. Closed Sunday and Monday.

The Jazz Café is a fresh addition to the Art Centre's existing Performance, Exhibition, Conference and Studio spaces which are available to hire at attractive rates. So if you a planning an event for as few as 8 people or as many as 200 why not book a time to visit the Centre and see what we have to offer.
The Cafe has earned a 5 Star rating on Trip Advisor and has a 5 Star kitchen hygene certificate and has regular positive reviews on the Jazz blog 'bebop spoken here'

The One and Only
Jazz Café Pink Lane
Late Night Club for


The Late Shows - May 16th 2015


Check out our programme page for more listing information



More Art and Craft Courses for 2015 

Over the next year we will further develop our popular programme of
art and craft classes and workshops lead by professional artists in our studios. These are short well focussed courses aimed at encouraging creative talent and developing skills.

This years exhibition programme features more new and interesting work by talented artists and we look forward to several shows by artists that have not been seen in this region before.

Explore our website for news of what is on offer with a regular update of events, courses and shows. Information is also available in our shops and gallery. To keep up to date please sign up to our e-mailing list, just mail a request to or complete a short form when you next visit the Centre. Be assured that your information will not be distributed outside our office.

Events are supported by Newcastle Arts Centre Trust Limited a Registered Charity

.This year's exhibitions

Ruth Brenner January 22-Febuary 21

Newcastle Council, febuary 26-March 14

Newcastle College, March 16th-March 28

Michelle Hobby& Brian, April 2-May 2

Coal, N. England Arts Club, May 7-May 30

Eddie Roberts, ...... June 4-June 27

Brian Ord, July2-July25

Michelle Goulder, August 20-September 5

Sarah Dalglish October 15-October 31

Alfons Bytautas, November 5-November 28

Christmas Print show December 3

All vehicles can now use the loading bay
outside of the Arts Centre
Following a 4 year campaign the Loading Bay that was previously limited to Vans and Trucks is now open to all. Traffic Wardens are no longer obliged to fine visitors for loading their cars on this bay.


The Jazz Café on the ground floor is now open as a Café by day and a Bar by night,a relaxed venue for drink, snack or meal. Locally sourced and cooked in our kitchen.
Full Kitchen service 11 am – 7 pm
A complete Menu, Breakfast, Lunch and snacks
Evenings 5pm -7pm , Panini , sandwiches , cakes and scones

Open Tuesday – Saturday –Tuesday –Thursday 11 am -9pm. Later with events. Friday and Saturday 11 am -1am.

Full Bar licence with a choice selection of local ales, good wine, spirits and excelent coffee

family friendly up to 9pm. Free Wi-Fi, Childs high chairs and wheelchair accessible WC.

Hours Tuesday – 11 am -11pm.

wednesdays & Thursdays 11am -7pm
Later with events

Friday and Saturday 11 am -1am.




UK Supreme Court orders Government
to take “immediate action” on air pollution

29 April 2015

The UK Supreme Court has quashed the Government’s ineffective plans to cut illegal levels of air pollution in Britain and ordered it to deliver new ones by the end of the year.

The Supreme Court Justices were unanimous in their decision, handed down this morning, saying: “The new Government, whatever its political complexion, should be left in no doubt as to the need for immediate action to address this issue.”

The historic ruling is the culmination of a five year legal battle fought by ClientEarth for the right of British people to breathe clean air.

Newcastle Arts Centre has raised this issue locally over the last 4 years

Look out for introduction of new NO Car Lanes.
Access to the Arts Centre will be one way from St James Boulevarde. The right turn off Clayton Street to Westgate Road is reduced to a 'no car lane' although you may not spot this until you are through!

The right turn off Westgate Road at the Lit & Phil to Central Station is blocked.

Central Gateway stepping forwards and backwards !

The welcome multi million pound effort to improve the area around the Central Station as ' a Gateway to the City' will result in some improvements, a small pedestrian area at the bottom of Grainger Street, improved traffic light timings to speed traffic flow and improvements to the Station Portico, but the establishment of 'no car lanes' is being badly implemented as in practice this gives priority to the most dirty and noisy vehicles over the cleanest and quietest ones.
It can be argued that public transport should have priority over private cars to ease traffic flow at peak times but it is a complete nonsense to ban cars when bus services do not run.
The traffic orders about to come into force prohibit private vehicles 24/7 !

Furthermore these 'improvements' will actually prohibit low emission cars and light vans while easing City Centre access for noisy and dirty diesel powered vehicles that pollute our City with toxic fumes.




Pollution levels in our City are far too high, as recognised by an Air Quality Management Order for the Central Station area that this development has taken no heed of . This lack of concern comes as little surprise as government has downgraded Air Quality as a planning priority despite the findings of the World Health Organisation and the threat of legal action by the EU on the UK for failure to meet healthy air quality targets.

In Newcastle air pollution in the City Centre actually rose between 2009 and 2010 defying the officially predicted improvement .The most polluted streets being Mosley Street followed by Percy Street and Neville Street all of which exceeded the EU air quality target for Nitrous Dioxide by 50%. There is no published data for the most dangerous micro carbon particles because there are no monitors in place on the City's busiest and most polluted streets. All this at a time when it is widely accepted that the very fine almost invisible air pollution caused by internal combustion engines is responsible for over
28,000 premature deaths per year in the UK.

A time will come when our Cities will have to establish low emission zones that ban the noisy mechanical dinosaurs that foul our streets and railway station. But those in power have other priorities so don't expect our Council to take a lead, ask Newcastle City Council to define the plans it has to establish a City Centre Low Emission Zone and it's a safe bet that you won't get an answer.


Newcastle City Centre Air Quality Order

Westgate Road Milecastle

Westgate Road Milecastle now has a 'blue plaque' to mark the discovery of south-west corner of this fortified gate in Hadrian's Wall in 1985. This discovery confirmed that the Roman Wall ran along the south side of Westgate Road and is marked by a replica of the foundations that can be seen in the Black Swan Courtyard at Newcastle Arts Centre. This should not be confused with the Mile Castle pub which is further down the street. Dave Fry (top left of the photo) who led the excavation now runs the Pottery Studio at the Centre.

Councillor Nick Forbes Leader of Newcastle City Council
unveiled the plaque at the entrance to Black Swan Court on Thursday 29th September 2011.

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North of England Art Club at Newcastle Arts Centre

The City's oldest Art group the North of England Art Club has moved to the arts centre with an active membership of 80. They have their own Studios and run weekly Life Drawing and Portrait sessions.

The venue is open 6 days per week.





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